Introduction Package - Limited Edition $34.95

This is the limited edition Introduction Package to The Masked Avenger, the newest wrestling detective hero! Be the very first to get your hands on his adventures with this very limited edition Introductory Package.

Introduction Package

The package includes:

A hand-made high quality Masked Avenger luchador mask! Available in Adult or Kid size. Laces in the back for perfect adjustment. Handmade in Mexico.

A limited edition comic book; The Masked Avenger In Chichen Itza by Alexandre Michaud and Nico Leon (10 pages, full color, limited to 100 copies).

A limited edition novella; The Masked Avenger In The Amazon by George L. Duncan (50 pages, numbered, limited to 100 copies).

A lifetime membership to The Masked Avenger Brigade giving you the secret codeword for a 15% discount on everything Masked Avenger forever!

This package is limited to 100 units. Once it's gone, it's gone.

The Masked Avenger is family friendly and makes a perfect gift for kids and adults.

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