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The Introduction Package Now Available!

January 29th 2013

We are extremely proud to present this exciting new project to all of you. We've been working on this for a while now and today is the very first step in an amazing adventure for the whole family.

The Masked Avenger is a professional wrestler by day and an international crime fighter by night!

Are you in for a roller-coaster ride in the world of Lucha Libre, criminal investigation, professional wrestling and monsters? This is what the Masked Avenger is all about... Good ol' fashioned fun!

To launch this adventure, we are happy to offer a VERY SPECIAL package to our first 100 fans.

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The Introduction Package Now Available on Kindle!

January 11th 2013

Hello all Canadian brawlers!

George L. Duncan's introduction novella is now available on Kindle on! The Masked Avenger fights evil aliens in the heart of the Amazonian forest. Gunplay and good old-fashion wrestling to the menu.

No Kindle, No problem. You can read it on any computer! No money, No problem. It's only $3 CAD! Get it Here!

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