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If you represent a band looking for booking opportunities in Montreal or have any ideas or suggestions, please contact: Alexandre Michaud.

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Past 13 Media Concerts

April 2024 - ARTILLERY
Winter Massacre 2023 Poster
Setptember 2022 Haunt poster
August 2022 AlcoholicA poster
May 2019 Blaze Bayley poster
November 2018 Necrotic Mutation poster
August 2018 Persefone poster
September 2018 Abigail Poster
August 2017 Blaze Bayley poster
August 2017 Evergrey poster
June 2016 Striker poster
April 2016 Maiden Quebec poster
June 2016 Heaven's Cry poster
September 2016 Circus Maximus poster
September 2016 Blaze Bayley poster
September 2015 Riverside poster
May 2015 Maiden Quebec poster
November 2014 Thrash Invasion poster
September 2014 Heaven's Cry poster
November 2014 Maiden Quebec poster
September 2014, The London Quireboys poster
October 2014 Blaze Bayley poster
August 2014 Homebred Metal Party poster

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