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Montreal metal legend and popular Canadian-Italian pop singer Marco Calliari stars in a disturbing slasher film with a twist.

Crane is a serial killer on a path of self-destruction. When fellow murderer invites him to a very private 'snuff' party, he decides it's time to finally take action and clean off a little bit of everything he hates on this planet.

Far from being your usual 'slasher' film, CLEAN delivers a disturbing look at our society from a very different angle. Filled with senseless violence and brutality, this daring independent movie will shock you in ways you can't even imagine.

Featuring music by classic Swedish metal band Entombed as well as The Project Hate, Anonymus and Sexhead.

Cast: Marco Calliari, S├ębastien Croteau, Martin Dubreuil.

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Previous Releases

World Premiere - Fant-Asia Festival 2006, Montreal, Canada

US DVD release - Brain Damage Films, 2006.

Russian DVD release, 2008

Rights to CLEAN are available worldwide.

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