Urban Flesh (1999)
Urban Flesh (1999)

Urban Flesh


A group of canibalistic thrill-killers roam the city looking for prey when they stumble on the wife of the detective in charge of the investigation of their case.

URBAN FLESH has become an underground sensation over the years. Accused of being obscene by the Canadian, British and German governments, the movie was banned in those three countries on it's original release in 2000.

The film was completely re-edited and remastered in 2007 and is available worldwide on DVD.

Directing debut of Alexandre Michaud.

Marc Vaillancourt
Martin Dubreuil.

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"If you like your horror films disgusting and disturbing, Urban Flesh is for you."


"Grim, relentless, and as bloody as a South American prison riot during soccer season!"


"If you're into gore then this is the perfect movie for you."


"Pretty f*cking insane..."

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Previous Releases

Initial Independent VHS release:
Helltimate Direct Distribution, 1999.

Limited Edition VCD release:
Helltimate Direct Distribution, 2004.

US DVD Release:
100% re-edited and remastered version of the film.
Sub-Rosa Studios, 2007.

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